Where it all started – Alta traverse to a sweet backcountry kicker.

Where it all started – Alta traverse to a sweet backcountry kicker.

The first flakes...

The first flakes for the idea of Zend started to flutter down on a father/son ski trip in Utah. The thought was simple – create a logo or symbol that would be universally recognized by people that love to send it. Put that symbol on t-shirts and stickers and hopefully sell a few.

Over the course of a few days in Salt Lake City, shredding, hucking, bowling, golfing, brainstorming… Eric Nicholson (age 17) and his father Jeff (age undisclosed) discussed the fun possibilities. Once home in Stowe, Vermont logo/symbol work began and a search for an appropriate name (connected with “sending it”) began in earnest.

When Eric hit upon Zend everyone loved it. It seemed right - more of a brand than just a statement or gimmick - more of a way of life, than just hitting a ramp and throwing yourself into the air. Zend represents something deeper… the mountains, possibility, balance, friends, joy, passion…

The t-shirts and stickers now became secondary. The community, the philosophy, the passion, the lifestyle would become what is embraced and promoted.

 About our Zend Leader   Eric Nicholson  – Recently back from a Ski and Zend Meditation retreat in Cardrona, New Zealand, Eric is now at Vermont Tech. College studying Aviation (sending it bigger and longer with help from a flying machine). He looks forward to getting back onto the Stowe slopes with coach Ben Grunow and Ski Future as soon as conditions allow.

About the Zend Crew

Eric Nicholson After skiing his way through high school he is now on to bigger and better things. In the beginning of summer 2017 Eric began building out a truck/van into a homemade RV to travel the U.S. and Canada in search of fresh snow, good vibes and life experience. He will be documenting his adventures on instagram and Youtube so make sure you follow @truezend and subscribe to True Zend on Youtube. And If you are lucky enough to spot the Zend van in a town or ski mountain near you make sure you say hi, grab some free stickers, and some cool Zend merch.

Jeff Nicholson – Jeff has been hooked on sending it for over four decades… before anyone ever said “send it…” before snowboarding even existed let alone man-made parks and features. He is one of the few “old guys” still consistently hitting the park (no rails) at Stowe.

When not skiing he is the marketing and creative director for Freely Creative, Inc./Websticker a marketing company focused on design and development of promotional stickers and decals.