Winter is finally here!

It was a slow start to the season for most most resort folks, but on the weekend of November 19th, an extreme weather shift occurred in less than 24hrs, saying goodbye to a sunny day of 65 degrees, and ushering in a three day winter storm.

For those of us still milking the seasonably warm temperatures, we were caught pleasantly off guard. A mad rush of tire changes for daily drivers was eclipsed only by the enthusiasm of TrueZend followers. Digging out the jib skis, the powder skis, the rock skis, the race skis, the... ahh... snow... brain freeze.

All types of questions form in your head, "does my pack still hold my skis OK? How are my boots? Do any of my socks not have wholes in them? How smelly is my long underwear?" Excitement for a newly born Zending season comes washes over like a second round of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Jumps have already been shaped with the gusto and team work of a Marine Unit and #ZENDapproved air has once again been found for another season on snow. Time to get out there and #ZENDit!