Building a base. Where does it lead?

In some places, the snow has already piled up to feet, not just inches, while for the majority of us, we cautiously await a solid base to settle. A fully packed base is essential to the longevity of the ski season. Whether it be the ice sheet covering keeping us tips up in the woods, or the structural support of terrain park features, the base is key. As flakes of all sizes shapes slowly collect, snow guns blow the magic glop that we can always count on to pack in dense and protect us from the sticks, grass and rocks below.

It is around this time, season after season, skiers and snowboarders patiently chomp at the bit for a chance to Zend it off their favorite part of the snow covered mountain, may it be natural or man-made. We yearn for that moment of uninterrupted flow, when the air time feels infinite, though it lasts only a second.

The question I pose for all the Zenders out there is what do you wait for? Do you froth for the deep face shots and cliff drops? Or are you pining for those table tops, hips and step ups to be cut and shaped in a line of perfect succession. Part of the excitement of our winter pursuits is that annual first moment of True Zend, no matter how it is achieved.

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