Creating a More Zendful Life...

Before I share my thoughts on zending it off a sweet, snow covered ramp and landing soft and smooth on the backside, I want to talk about why I love being in a band. When you play music with people you learn to dance. There is always a dance. Not a physical dance, but exploring interactions that lead to moments of magic.

In my opinion, all of life is a search for these "moments" - Moments of laughter, moments of bliss, moments of feeling a part of something bigger and deeper than one can experience sitting alone. I think we all long for moments that make us feel truly alive. 

People often talk about not having enough time. That's B.S. Most of us have sooo much time. What we don't have are enough Moments - moments when we truly feel alive. The other time (the kind you have so much of) you can spend or pass in any way you will, but shouldn't the ultimate goal be the laughter, the love, the dance, the ah-ha moments? More Moments means a longer more fulfilled life... which is nice.

This brings me back to zending it - hitting that lip and launching into the air. It's a dance - a dance with just you and the air and snow (or medium of choice). Literally a moment in your life... yet so much more than that. In that moment I live completely. a few seconds of air time may be worth hours, days, or weeks of every-day time.

Of course, blissful moments can be found in many different places for different people. One could zend it on dirt jumps, waves, concrete half pipes, or out of a plane... You can dance playing music, making art, making love, hiking, laughing with friends, gardening... There are many personal passions, none of us are the same (none of us should want to be). And so, we continue to dance, to practice, to search for more moments, more life, more mystery.

Where ever you find your zend moments, might I suggest going there more often? Think back to your last awesome moments - the last time you had a wide smile locked on your face. Now, just trade some down time for more time doing what it is you love. Sounds simple I know, but most people would rather just turn on the t.v. than searching for and practicing zend moments.

Make time for Moments and start living Zend!


Jeff Nicholson