The Meaning Of ZEND?

Zend  vb.       zent, zending

1.     To cause, go, or be taken into the air in a stylish or blissful way.

2.     To be launched into a deeper, more meaningful place, often for just a few moments.

3.     To cause something to go from one place to another, especially by air and seemingly in an effortless manner.

4.     To transport with delight, excitement or ecstasy.

Phrasal verbs:

Zend it! – to request that a journey, jump, launch, hit, line, action, etc. be taken in a big, stylish or special way. Go for it! Go big! Do it with confidence and style.

Zender  n.

Person who is dedicated and passionate about zending it.

Zent  is the past tense of zend.

“that dude really zent it off that cliff”

Synonyms:  Launch, send it, fly, throw down…

Jeff Nicholson